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All Round Protection with Cycle Locks and Cycling Helmets

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Cycling is a real joy, and it is something only cyclists can feel and enjoy.  Sure, it is a great way to exercise your muscles and body, but that is not why it is popular.  It is the sense of freedom coupled with the rush of speed and the dexterity of balance.  That is the reason why cycling has become such a rage all across the world, it is an adventure sport, an environmentalist movement and sometimes just a humble mode of transport. No matter what the purpose of your cycle is, two accessories you absolutely need to have with you- cycle locks and cycling helmet.

You will be surprised to know the varied kind of cycle locks available in the market these days to choose from. Interestingly, each one of them has their own advantage and disadvantage and also suitable for different intended purposes.

Cable locks

These are the most common kind of bike locks you will see around you.  The lock is attached to one end of the cable. However, you must know that there are three kinds of cable locks in general and there are as follows- basic, coiled and armoured.  The basic one is the most used one even though it is not very high on the security aspect.  It is has a plastic cover to secure the bike’s paint job, but that also makes it vulnerable to all cutting attempts. The coiled ones are made up of sprung cables that re-coil after use for ease of storage.  However, these too are made up of thin cables and are vulnerable to cutting.  The armoured ones are much tougher as they have hardened steel shells protecting the steel cables.  The tougher cables can weigh up to 2.8 kg or more and often come with a carrying bracket to match the look and style.

Chain and Padlock

These are also fairly common and are thus available in a variety of sizes, weights and thickness to match with.  The chains that are more than 8mm thick, offer a high level of security as they are difficult to cut through. Make sure the links are closely spaced and that they are locked into a closed shackle padlock.  Take care to choose chains that have some kind of protective layer to save your bike’s paintjob.

When it comes to protection, protecting your cycle is indeed very important but what is more important is protecting yourself.  If a bike breaks it can still be replaced, but a cracked open skull is not something you can replace! Isn’t it? So while you are looking up different kinds of locks in the market to protect your cycle, check out some sturdy cycling helmets as well to protect your head. The new generation cycling helmets you will come across are sleek looking, well ventilated and provide you with the protection you need.  Do not be one of those fools who think cycling without a helmet is cool; blood splattered on the pavement is definitely not cool!

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