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Russ Herriott on Deadliest Catch: It's Not a Trick

by shanamillikan

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What is it about the TV program Deadliest Catch that has TV viewers tuning in weekly for current news on crab fishing in the Bering Sea? The said reality program has been a hit on the Discovery Channel, even earning two of its three Emmy nominations in 2012. Perhaps it's because the program offers something hardly ever seen on TV these days. It's not an "American Idol type of gimmick," says talent manager Russ Herriott about Deadliest Catch and its sensational success.

Reality TV and Real Individuals

Deadliest Catch is a documentary program that features the adventures of crab fishermen in Alaska. According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), this is the "deadliest profession in the world." The show came to be in 2005 and has actually regularly earned high scores throughout the years, along with made loyal followers out of highly addicted audiences.

One of the reasons why people are hooked on the program is its special yet real style. Deadliest Catch is regarded to be the only American documentary series shot virtually and entirely at sea. The show likewise includes real individuals doing what they do in real life. It shows brave people in risky situations.

Deadliest Catch Caught People's Interests

The New York Times referred to Deadliest Catch as "a soap opera on the high seas." The program does not just present what crab fishermen do while on the job, but also all the drama that comes with it. The series is well-known for highlighting the different standpoints of cast members, from the captain to the crew mates.

As if taking care of the mood swings of the open water isn't difficult enough, there are times when arguments emerge amongst the fishermen. Workplace stress is typical and barely provides for intriguing television. Nonetheless, if your work environment is a treacherous body of water and a clash with a coworker can jeopardize everyone's safety, it's not a shock if people park themselves in front of the TV with a bowl of popcorn to watch everything unfold.

It appears that Russ Herriott of Sports & Entertainment International has actually proven himself right when he said that the Deadliest Catch is not simply a fad or a chance to obtain individuals on television. Despite the lots of problems the production has dealt with since its premiere, the documentary series continues to be a success. For more information, go to

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