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Bags and Clothes Collocation Skills

by cindymcondona

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Match a bag is more difficult than the clothes, a woman's taste, often can "see micro know from the bag." Know how to pick a bag is not enough, but also know how to "match".Clothes, shoes, belts, and even scarf can match bags."The same color" collocation method: bags and clothing is the same color of deep and shallow combinations, can create a very elegant feeling, for example: the deep coffee color suit camel bag.

"The neutral color and decorative color collocation method": a neutral color clothing with decorative color bag, such collocation can make you very well, for example: beige dress and blue bag + camel high-heeled shoes. And the collocation of color echo clothes printing method: the color of the bag can be a color printing of clothes, for example: the olive green, yellow rice, coffee color printing dress + coffee bag + coffee color high-heeled shoes.

These years, PU Handbag is more and more popular. And do you know what is pu Leather Handbag? PU leather is synthetic leather, made to feel, look and display properties similar to genuine leather. It is used in place of leather to make shoes, bags, furniture, balls, luggage -- anything genuine leather can be used for.

What is the difference between PU leather and faux leather? PU with leather is a leather the reverse is the second layer of skin material, the surface coated with a layer of PU resin, so also known as foil leather. Its relatively low price, high utilization rate. With the changes in the process is also made into various grades of varieties, such as the import of two storey of cowhide, due to unique technology, stable quality, variety and novel features, for the current high-grade leather, the price and grade are not less than the first layer of leather.

What is the difference between PU leather and leather? PU leather and leather bags have a characteristic each, PU bag has beautiful appearance, good care, lower prices; leather is expensive, take care of trouble, durable. Now we have 2013 new PU Leather Handbag.

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