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Distinctive Curriculum Focused On Care

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Helping to move out freely without any pain and discomfort and to feel renewed and move on and to prevent injury altogether.The experts receive the proper training in variety of sciences:physics, human anatomy, human movement and also they understand how the body works and how to get moving again. They know to handle the movements of the body major systems- Musculoskeleton, Neuromuscular, pulmonary to restore and maximize mobility.

The physical therapist is the trusted healthcare professional who work closely to evaluate the conditions and develop an effective, plan of care and try to help to achieve the long term results for many conditions that limit the ability to move. While playing in the ground of golf or picking up around the house may seem harmless, but these everyday activities can result in an injury due to abnormal movement, stress on joints or stress on the muscles and the physical therapist know hoe the body works being experts they help in to design personalized treatment plans to reduce the injury whether in everyday activities or sports.

Falls among the elderly are prevalent, dangerous and can lead an active and independent life. It is commonly found that the fall is maximum and sometimes may also be disastrous. A physical therapist helps to prevent fall by designing an individual pro gramme of exercises and activities with an emphasis on strength,flexibility and proper gait. Balance may be improved with proper exercises that strengthen the ankle, knee and hip muscles and with exercises that help to improve the function of the balance system.

Once a physical therapist reviews the whole matter it becomes easy to understand the medical history and helps to develop a personalized plan of care. This may include the walking specimen with balanced components such as the changes in the distance or the elevations towards balance or co ordination and also help in teaching the exercises that can be performed at home itself and if required they also suggest for the necessary the necessary medical professionals.

Stroke is the vital cause which might lead to death and the cause of serious long term disability. If strokes strikes a loved one a physical therapist helps to regain the function and cope with physical losses associated with stroke such as decreased ability to move. Rehabilitation begins as soon as stroke survivor is stable and the health care team works with the patients and to match the abilities with the patient.

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