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Tips for T-Shirt Printing for Corporate Giveaways

by richardcheiw

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Corporate giveaways are a company’s way of saying thank you to their loyal customers and are usually in the form of useful items such as mugs, pads, pens, and t-shirts. These items make great giveaways but when it comes to t-shirt printing there are also some things that need to be noted in order to create the perfect giveaway to your valued clients.

Choose the Appropriate Area When Printing your Logo or Company Name

When it comes to printing the design on the shirt, choosing where to put it is also of high importance. Most of the time, companies choose to print the logo on the upper left side of the shirt because it’s simpler and can be seen easier. Some would print their logos on the entire back part or create a logo design that would cover the entire front of the shirt.

Choosing the perfect spot all depends on you. You can choose to be a minimalist and print a smaller logo because it’s also cheaper this way, or go all out and print a bigger design on the front or the back of the shirt. Use a Tshirt Printer so the images will come out clearer.

Design and Colors

Whenever you create a corporate gift for your company, design and colors should always represent the company itself. You can use the company’s colors in choosing the color of the shirt as well as in choosing the color of the logo. Make sure that the colors represent the company and the name should be the first thing to pop onto their minds once they see the colors of the shirt.

When it comes to design, you can keep it simple and just place a small logo on the shirt, or create a design for the entire shirt which may cost more because you will be needing more ink and printing time to create one shirt.

Corporate Shirt Giveaways in Singapore

There are a lot of companies that offer shirt printing in Singapore which uses a top of the line tshirt printer to produce only quality designs for your loyal customers. There will always be cheaper alternatives when it comes to T-Shirt Printing in Singapore, but are all of them high quality, long lasting shirts?

Even if these items are only giveaways, you will be handing these over to your valued clients, who continue to support you so you need high quality shirts to thank them with.

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