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Why Your Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills Has His Hands Full

by shavondaduarte

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The variety of people who get Botox injections have enhanced by 12%, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. In truth, they saw an increasing trend (about more than 5 percent) across the board for Botox and other minimally invasive means. Having been used more than six million times, Botox is the cream of the minimally intrusive treatments crop.

The aspects that have enhanced the demand for Botox is still an issue of debate and discussion. As Botox looks after creases and age lines, it's safe to presume that one reason pertains to more people showing early signs of aging. This is real to some extent, provided that America's baby boomers are now joining the senior ranks. Aging aside, here are other probable reasons for the rise in the demand for Botox from a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills.

Smart Phones

There's no denying that modern-day society can not function as efficiently without technology on its side, namely iOS and Android. Plastic surgeons have reported that constant squinting on the little display of most smart phones has actually been providing their clients wrinkles and crow's feet. The kids are more vulnerable to this trouble, as they have expanded to depend on these phones.

Slow Economic climate

The worst may be over for Wall Street, but the aftershocks of the recent financial depression can still be felt. With the state of the economic climate contributing to the high cost of intrusive treatments, Americans are counting on reasonable solutions like Botox in Beverly Hills. A couple of shots of the neurotoxin in select locations of the face can do as much as a significant facelift.

Celebrity Impact

Hollywood, to some extent, has actually been accountable for the Botox rise. Males and females all over the country want to look as reasonable as the stars and actresses they see walking down the red carpet. After all, if it worked for them, there's no reason it can't work for everyone else (given that they have a clean bill of wellness, of course). Celebrities have become living signboards who utilize their face and body to promote services or products.

For the ASPS stats mentioned above, go to the ASPS official website at You may also consult a leading cosmetic specialist if you're ready to delve into the Botox bandwagon.

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