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How to write a personality profile?

by gramsmith

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Writing a personality profile is not that much difficult. But few things are difficult and that are, how you will interview the source and most of all who will be the source?

I am assigned a task from my teacher to interview someone random, from the public. But choosing someone is pretty difficult and when it is for an interview. So, I will be jotting down a few points that can help all those journalism and entertainment students.

  • Decide who you will interview:

First of all think who you will interview. Remember there are many people out there that you can interview and most of them are willing to give their interview to you. But you have to decide the person that you will interview based on his nature. That is, ask yourself will he give you an interview.

  • Plan the scenario:

Now plan the scenario, either you can take him to a local hotel for a drink and ask the questions there. Or you can ask him to a place where he feels comfortable in answering your questions.

  • Decide what will be the theme

You cannot decide the theme unless you start the interview. Go on with the questions you have prepared and if reader is just answering in yes & no. Then try to scratch the surface more… you can do that by asking him why he joined a certain firm? What skills do they ask for? Does he like his new job? If he says yes, then why he likes it? If he says more free time, say what he do in his free time? Getting the point? That is how you will get to more genuine questions.

  • Jot it all down

Remember to write all the points in bulletin format that the source answers. Its not a compulsion to write all of the points, just make the points by the name of the most important thing that the source answers and that’s how it will go.

  • Now decide (interesting thing first)

After you have asked all the questions go through the whole interview notes that you collected. And see if you have missed anything. If all are there in the place then thank them for the interview and leave. Now it’s time for you to assemble the notes in the right way.

  • Write in article format.

In the end, write in article format. Add some quotes; do not add pictures and you are done.

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