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Why outdoor advertising in India is very popular?

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Outdoor Advertising in India is a popular avenue of brand or business promotion. There are innumerable advertising agencies that are indulged in launching advertising campaigns through the various outdoor media. Outdoor Advertising is also a raging practice in most of the Indian cities. Outdoor Advertising in Delhi or Outdoor Advertising in Mumbai therefore contributes a major share to overall revenue of the respective cities. Be it a small town or a big city, outdoor ads are a popular sight in most parts of the country. In this blog, let us take a look at a few reasons why outdoor advertising in India is quite a popular avenue of brand promotion.

24 x 7 x 365 days availability

An outdoor ad display of a brand is accessible by customers not just for a few days or weeks or months. One can create a year round presence of one’s brand message through an OOH media. This provides customers a choice ability to access the brand message whenever they are free to do so. For example, if someone missed out a brand message while in a hurry driving from home to office or vice versa, he or she can revisit the same location and access the brand message. This flexibility and ready availability of the brand message are two reasons why an outdoor advertising media is a preferred channel of communication among maximum numbers of brand owners.

Limitless scope of innovation

For those advertisers who believe in innovation as a tool of positioning their brands, outdoor advertising provides a limitless scope of innovation as compared to other advertising mediums. The brand message conveyed through OOH media is also clutter-free.  Also enhanced by its attractive look and feel, an OOH ad display easily attracts anyone’s attention even from a far distance. Eye-catching and attention grabbing are two more assets of an OOH Advertising display.


Is Delhi one of the hubs of outdoor advertising?

Delhi is a happening city where there is something in store for everyone to explore. Delhi is also the business headquarters of various Government and Non-Government organizations. Also supported by the rich infrastructure of the city, Delhi is one of the major hubs of trade and business. Advertising in Delhi is one of the sectors that contribute a major share to the overall revenue of the city.  Delhi Advertising Agencies are headquartered in the city as well as in other cities (in and outside the country). For years, Delhi has been a favourite market where promotion campaigns of various brands are continuously launched. Be it television ad campaign, OOH advertising campaign or print ad displays, Delhi is one of the happening cities when it comes to advertising.

Delhi Advertising Agencies that deal with outdoor branding have indulged with various innovative campaigns of national and international brands. The media formats of outdoor advertising campaigns in Delhi include billboards (traditional and digital), kiosks (conventional and electronic), lamp posts, poster ads, wall paintings, transit ads, hoardings etc. The introduction of digital technology has facilitated outdoor advertisers to launch their promotion campaigns in a more hassle-free manner. The best part of advertising through digital OOH media is that one can sit back in one’s office and make any required change from content to the creative display.

Delhi Advertising Agencies also provide branding solutions for various local brands. Ensuring rich impact among the target groups, the various ad agencies that are based in the city come up with innovative promotion ideas for brands from time to time. If you want to promote your brand in Delhi through any of the available media formats, you can get in touch with any of the DelhiAdvertising Agencies, TDI International India P Limited is one of the Delhi advertising agencies providing advertising solutions through various media formats such as outdoor, online, mobile advertising etc. For more information about TDI visit

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