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Honda in Kingsport TN: Advanced Car Safety Features

by lawrenceharkness

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In an attempt to reduce extreme injuries from car accidents, a Kingsport legislator proposed that the fine for overlooking to don a seatbelt be increased. Seat belts are, obviously, a conventional safety feature in all automobiles, but are you aware that Kingsport TN Honda dealers offer quality cars with special safety features?

Side curtain airbags

Cars such as the Honda Accord have side curtain airbags to safeguard motorists and passengers in the event of vehicle accidents and rollovers. Nevertheless, the motorist's security might not be completely assured during a quick turn, which can at some point result in a tip-over. Honda's side curtain airbags are designed specifically with this circumstance in mind. A unique sensor system detects a rollover circumstance and automatically deploys the side curtain airbags as required.

Occupant position detection system (OPDS)

Side curtain airbags were created to offer protection to drivers and passengers alike. Nonetheless, there are moments when the deployment of such gadgets can trigger more harm than good, which is common when the passengers are children. The OPDS lowers the risk of injury amongst kids by preventing side airbags from inflating the moment the sensor detects that passengers are out of position or inclined toward the door.

Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE)

Head-on collisions are possibly the most deadly of all, and the ACE is specifically designed to lower the danger of severe injury or death in such a circumstance. This technology makes use of a network of structural parts to evenly disperse crash energy throughout the front of the automobile. Thus, the gravity of impact to the driver and passengers is significantly lowered.

Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) System

Even if there is no danger of clashing or crashing with another vehicle, it's still possible for a driver to lose control of his automobile due to undesirable road conditions. The VSA system helps a driver preserve traction even when speeding up on loose or slippery roadway surfaces. The engine's output is regulated and the brakes are selectively used.

Together with rigorous compliance with seatbelt regulations, these sophisticated security functions can make driving a Honda in Kingsport TN exceptionally safe. As a result, you'll show up peacefully at your location. For more details, see

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