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If You Are Looking For Something Unique, Choose Jam Paper

by jampaper12

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Jampaper has evolved itself as the best place for getting paper and paper products. Its an ideal place to find a wide assortment of innumerable variety of papers.


Jampaper has bought variety into everything that involves paper in one way or the other. They have shown to the world that there is more to paper products than the usual and obvious choices. It is the innovation that has attracted people to their online portal and has brought people closer to what they truly deserve.

There are so many people who like to throw parties and celebrate each occasion. Even for the non regular ones, partying and getting invited is not an alien concept. At these times, it becomes necessary to show gratitude to your host who has taken efforts to make sure that you have a good time. For the situations like these, Jampaper has a wonderful collection of Thank you cards printed in bright paper cards with either gold or a silver script and some with even pearl and silver borders. With Thank You card box containing 104 cards and 100 corresponding envelopes and available in 8 styles, Jampaper has the most royal looking designs to make your host feel truly valued.

Jampaper is the best option for the paper lovers. If you are one of those whose day revolves around papers, your most obvious requirement is for the 11 x 17 paper also known as the legal size paper. Since 11x17 Paper users need big quantities, Jampaper makes them available in a set of 100 sheets per pack and if you are looking for a cardstock then you may get 11 x 17 Cardstock in a pack of 50 sheets. If you are one of those who like your paper to be different, you can pick Jampaper’s collection of Onion skin paper. This paper comes with 50 sheets in a pack and has a rustic, natural look and feel. Popular as an awesome alternative to everyday paper, Onion skin paper is particularly useful for protecting important mail and invitations. Also used as an airmail paper, they are harder than the normal paper like an 11x17 Paper and can be neatly folded too.

The variety of papers have given users the option to use paper in different categories of work. Jampaper allows you to think about papers as much more than just as a tool for writing. From legal size paper, bright paper to glossy paper, they have a lot of options for their customers. One of the innovations of paper that Jampaper actively promotes is the card stock. The cardstock is often used for business cards, postcards, playing cards, catalogue covers, scrapbooking, and other uses which require higher durability than regular paper. The texture is usually smooth, but can be textured, metallic, or glossy.

These are just a few examples amongst all the other varieties that make the online portal of Jampaper a hot favorite amongst people of all ages.


Jampaper, a family-owned store of stationery items, has everything right from 11x17 paper to a cardstock. Their collection has everyone asking for more which you can experience visiting

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