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Google EMD Update

by semseogurus

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Google came up with an interesting update recently. Announcing its new update as EMD update [Exact Matching Domain], Google has introduced new policy in the series of algorithms that will facilitate researchers with qualitative search results. This algorithm update came into effect on 28th September 2012. It is target at the websites will same matching domain name as their targeted keyword. It will primarily affect the website owners who were on the top of search results only with the benefit of exact match domain not having good quality content and backlinks. Exact match domain refers to term when domains that are the exact match of the targeted words. For example if you wanted to rank for best seo services, an exact match would be ““. Before it was a cakewalk but now the table has turned and now such domains are no guarantee of top ranking.

Google has clearly indicated that the search results for low quality exact match domains would change. Some SEO believed that having keywords in the domain name is beneficial but with the new update we doubt that it will work now.

Before the update many website has climbed the ladder of success only on the basis of EMD. Now Google’s latest update has bought a very bad time for such websites resulting them in disappearing them from rankings or falling them hundreds of position down.

Websites that have EMD will effect badly with this EMD algorithm. Now the sites that have low quality domains or spammy details will be kicked out of search results. A real and legitimate site takes it as a positive step as their mere aim is not only to earn benefit, but also to provide relevant and legitimate information to the visitors. Now they will get more chance to gain top ranking due to high quality and relevant content. This new update is intended to keep the search results in check for anything that could ruin the user experience.

It’s almost crystal clear that EMD update will target the sites that have exact match domain keywords just for the sake of ranking and to make easy money but it spares the sites that have high quality content matter and strong recognition in terms of quality links. The new update will perform on regular intervals not like the panda algorithm that do it daily basis. Although the experts have announced no strategies but there are some suggestions, by following them one can recover or avoid the evil eye of EMD update.

Be up to date and try to put fresh, high quality information to your site. Be honest and ask yourself before putting any content that this content is just for search engine or to provide genuine information to your readers. Analyze your content and check quality time to time. It may prove a safeguard against Google’s EMD update.

Be in touch with inbound link audit to identify spammy inbound links that could produce negative impact on your site. Engage in a link removal campaign to attempt to remove as many of them as possible. To prove the authenticity of your site be active on social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Delicious etc. and put your content on these sites. Increase authority by blog commenting and guest commenting. Take some time to design your blog so that it could have a unique and easy theme and should be user friendly so that users can navigate easily and can find his desired information with minimal clicks. The best ways to improve your sites are to create content that serves the best information for the searchers, that way you can increase the number of your visitors, popularity, and friends that can be converted into customers.

There were a time when to be on the top of search ranking was just like a cakewalk but gone are the days. All the predefined myths that SEO’s follow have become things of the past. With the new algorithm now the SEO’s will have to rethink about their predefined strategies and have to go on a new path to see themselves on top ranking.

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