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Studying in the United States Where Academic Opportunities

by studyabroad

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Apart from being one of the top countries of the world, the United States is also home to educational opportunities. No wonder there is an array of reasons why studying in the United States comes as a big advantage considering its top-notch selection of educational facilities and institutions alongside its pool of scholarly professionals. All these make this nation a land conducive to learning pursuits on multi-level schooling.

Extensive Multi-Level Education

There is certainly more to expect from an American educational system geared towards the development of full intellectual potential. Undoubtedly, it is implied on its comprehensive educational framework courtesy of the federal government. Budget allotment of almost $50 billion on education speaks of the country’s commitment on providing sufficient resources for the betterment of national education. Compulsory education commences from age three up to seventeen when higher education comes in. In turn, it is comprised of preparatory education (kindergarten and nursery schools), primary education (elementary schools), secondary education (junior and senior schools), and tertiary education (undergraduate and graduate schools). Basically, the multi-level instruction accommodates technical, vocational, and professional academic programs to provide extravagant options for individual growth and development.

Premier Educational Institutions

Imagine 70% of the top ten universities of the world are based in the United States. It only goes to show that American educational institutions are always on top of world standards. As a matter of fact, the Stanford University which happens to be a private research institute at California sustained its leading streak among academic institutes all over the globe. Another pride from the land of liberty occupying the second spot is Massachusetts Institute of Technology at Cambridge renowned for in depth research on science and technology. Ranking third is University of California at Berkeley that simply exhibits the superb public university system of the State. Other American schools which made it on the list are Michigan State University, Indiana University, Yale University, and Purdue University.

Competitive Academic Facilities

The United States is not simply known for its roster of top educational institutions but likewise on its collection of facilities. This includes research, archive, and exhibition centres that promote exploration of multi-disciplinary interests. The Rockwell Hall West at Colorado University takes pride of smart classrooms furnished with state-of-the-art construction design for business courses hence providing mock corporate setting. Featuring equally remarkable facilities is Adelphi University that highly deserves the reputation of having the centre for sports, recreation, and performing arts with the bestselling 500-seat performance hall, 2,200-seat three-court gymnasium, and 310-car parking underneath new Motamed Field. Built to support scientific and technological inquiry is McLennan Community College’s Science building that houses high-tech classrooms and laboratories. There is but more with latest innovations on the construction of advanced educational sanctuaries.

Pool of Exceptional American Mentors

Considered as the third best professions in America, teaching is undoubtedly an in demand career. Consequently, getting posts in the academe is becoming more and more competitive so students can anticipate that only the best mentors shall have the authority to teach.  Meticulous training plus license to teach are only part of the top qualifications. What is more interesting about these professionals is the academic freedom vested by the society. In fact, it has been the advocacy of American Association of University Professors with over 40,000 memberships. Indeed, it comprised another attractive subject of intellectual tourism in the country.

All these make up the fundamental characteristics of getting the much-coveted American diploma.


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