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Encouraging parents to volunteer for school fundraisers

by Charleston

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To hold successful school fundraisers you need assistance from volunteers. Volunteers are important because they help to organize a fundraiser and ensure that everything works out as planned. If you don't have volunteers you'd have to hire people to assist in the fundraiser, which doesn't make much sense because a fundraiser is meant to raise money. It's important therefore for you to rope in as many volunteers as you can if you want your fundraiser to be fruitful.


Getting volunteers for school activities isn't always easy. Most people who volunteer for school activities are the parents of the children in that school. Some parents are more willing to volunteer than others but even they may stop volunteering at some point. You as such need to master some strategies that will help you to recruit enough volunteers when you need them.


People are more willing to volunteer if they are involved from the outset. One mistake that many school heads make is asking for volunteers long after they as the administration have settled on the school fundraiser ideas they want to execute. If you want many parents to volunteer, involve them from the beginning. Let them also contribute some school fundraiser suggestions and take part in the initial stages of planning. If you involve patents in this way they'll feel like part of the whole process and they'll also be more willing to volunteer when needed. It's not enough to tap parents for school fundraiser ideas. Parents should also be involved in managing the funds raised through fundraisers for schools. If parents are left out of decision making they will start to feel as if their only usefulness is raising money over which they have no say and they may henceforth stop taking part in fundraisers.


Do you appreciate parents for their school fundraiser proposals and participation in fundraising? If you express sincere gratitude to parents for their role in school fundraisers, they won't hesitate to lend a hand in future. If you however take the money and move on as if nothing has happened, parents will withdraw their support for your fundraisers.


Parents are busy people with jobs to attend to and families to look after. If you therefore want their help, inform them in good time so that they can set aside some time for the event. Parents also don't like being ambushed with requests at short notice because this distorts their schedules. Further, appreciate that parents cannot afford to spare a lot of time to help with your fundraisers so make sure that you don't waste any of their precious time by , for example, starting meetings late. If you want more parents to volunteer, come up with school fundraiser ideas that will not take up too much of their time.


You can certainly get very discouraged if no volunteers are coming forward. It's a good idea to develop personal contacts among parents so that you can call on them and ask for help. You can definitely get more people to volunteer by directly calling them up than by posting notices or handing out flyers.




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