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Lecture Transcription for Academic Success

by moslegalservice

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Lectures are the most important mode of communication in higher education. Taking down lecture notes using pens and pencils is a practice that is fast disappearing. Students and researchers rely on digital recorders to record lectures and get them transcribed into clear and legible text notes. Quality lecture transcription has, in fact, become important for academic success. Reliable transcription companies provide lecture transcription services to help busy academicians and students obtain accurate transcripts of important lectures.

Lecture transcription involves the documentation of lectures and notes made by lecturers or other speakers in classrooms or university halls. Most researchers and students now opt to record these lectures and get them professionally transcribed as they could miss out on important points of the talk while writing notes. Transcription of lectures benefits lecturers, professors, teachers, tutors, demonstrators, mentors and students. The procedure can be carried out in two ways – real-time or non real-time. Real-time transcription is the documentation of a live, on-going lecture and non real-time is the transcribing of a pre-recorded lecture.

Transcription Services for Various Types of Events and Activities

An established transcription company can provide transcripts of:

• Broadcast scripts
• Conferences/meetings
• Dissertations
• Educational transcripts
• Focus groups
• Media events
• One-on-one interviews
• Speeches
• Seminars
• Video transcription, and more

A professional service provider would have a team of experienced academic transcriptionists. Well qualified, with a strong vocabulary and capability to recognize different accents, they can provide accurately transcribed and formatted documents within a quick turnaround time.

They can also provide transcripts in various formats such as verbatim, smooth verbatim, content and rough draft. The verbatim transcription would contain all the utterances of the speaker which are not directly related to the speech such as exclamations, slang, and even external noises. The smooth verbatim style excludes unimportant utterances, though exclamations and slang may be retained. Smooth verbatim transcription is suitable for presentations with Q&A sessions. Rough draft transcripts provide only a rough draft of the audio recording.

Advantages of Outsourcing Lecture Transcription to the Right Service Provider

• Error-free verbatim and non-verbatim transcripts
• No grammatical or language flaws
• Documents formatted to suit client specifications
• Time stamps for easy accessibility and organization
• Accurate transcripts on different subjects
• Suitable captions and subtitles
• Transcription from audio and video files
• Quality control measures to ensure accuracy levels of up to 99%
• Special discounts
• Free trial

The benefits of lecture transcription have been recognized widely by the academic community and the demand for the service is on the rise. Only an experienced transcription company with a pool of qualified and skilled transcriptionists can provide professional, timely and error-free transcripts.

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