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Loose Leaf Tea: Preparing Tea the Old Fashioned Way

by kevinwalls

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The custom of drinking tea started in ancient times with the Chinese, who just boiled the leaves in water till a condensed liquid is produced after which the leaves were strained. These days, drinking tea is made simpler with teabags. Though teabags are incredibly practical, most tea enthusiasts agree that making use of them will not make an excellent brew.

There are a number of tea purists who believe that the best way to enjoy tea is to brew it traditionally. This suggests making use of loose dried tea leaves and soaking them in hot water till the desired strength is reached. The result is an exquisite loose leaf tea brew that tastes natural, not like a paper bag.

Loose leaf tea is steadily regaining popularity as of late because of its bolder and fresher taste. In response to this interest for loose leaves, products such as strainers, infusion bags, and other needed filtering paraphernalia to brew the leaves have also enjoyed renewed sales. Loose leaf tea might take a lot longer to brew than the kind that uses teabags (and also the added process of taking out the leaves), but loose leaf tea has flavor and charm to it.

The supporters of loose leaf tea state that teabags make for an inferior brew. Teabags contain smaller pieces of the leaves called "fannings"; and though they're a lot faster to brew, they do not produce the full taste of the leaves. This also indicates that teabags won't be able to provide the complete health advantages of tea.

Tea is rich in catechins, anti-oxidants, flavanols, and other nourishing substances. Because of their processed and reduced nature, teabags will not be able to produce the full impact of these compounds. To fully enjoy tasteful healthy tea, you'll have to prepare one from loose leaves.

Although many are used to the convenience of using teabags, there's a much better and more flavorful way to get an excellent blend. Loose tea leaves may be a bit harder to ration and brew, but the flavor and advantages they offer are well worth the preparation. Those who wish to know ways to effectively brew loose leaves must check out

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