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Enjoy Watching Motion Picture Within a 7D Hall

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3D was once a latest technology and now with the introduction of 5d cinema and 7d movie theaters, 3D is turning out to be outdated. 7D is the latest technology that entices film enthusiasts. Nowadays, many of the popular cities in different countries of the world are proudly introducing their 7D halls for providing the right kind of movie-watching experience to the people during their free time. Even though, it is called as 7D, it combines the features of earlier versions like 3D and 4D cinemas with respect to physical effects like smoke, fog, snow, rain, lightning, wind, etc…. in synchronization with the scenes in the film.

Overwhelming experience can be enjoyed by the people visiting 7D movie theaters and this is why most of the theater owners nowadays are turning towards converting their film halls with this technology. Generally, seating arrangement plays a crucial role in these dimensional films and there will be 24 seats that can provide a wide range of effects to the movie watchers. The effects are caused not only due to the different systems present in the hall itself, but some of them are provided in the seats as well to provide the right experience to the visitors.

Professional firms engaged in setting up of these technologically advanced movie halls are of the opinion that when there is a rain scene in the film, the water sprinkler attached to the seat will sprinkle the water thereby providing a lively effect to the film watchers. Again, in case there is storm effect in the film, the strobes attached in the hall will create the lighting effect. Also, cold smoke in the film will re-create the same in the hall. Even, there will be bubble effects as well. To provide complete sensory experience to the viewers, some fragrances are also produced in the hall.

Some months ago 5D cinema was looked upon with great interest by movie watchers and now with the new introduction of 7D, still some people think that already 5D is pending for them to view and now 7D! They are more and more excited. Many malls and amusement parks in different parts of the world nowadays have advanced technology movie halls and even though 7D is not still present widely, 5D is almost present in many top cities in different countries of the world thereby providing the best movie watching experience to the watchers.

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