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CSS3 Pie: Your Solution to Old Versions of IE

by markupbox

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Browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc are ruling the market share which was once ruled by Internet Explorer (IE). But there are still many people who rely on old versions of IE. Although the latest IE9 is out but the old version of IE like IE6, 7, 8 still face problems in accessing CSS3.

With Microsoft adding support to the new IE9 beta (Released in September), CSS3 is now supported by all major browsers. This release of IE9 will surely give Internet Explorer the access to HTML5 and CSS3 but at the same time the older versions of IE will still remain incompatible and will face problems in accessing these technologies. Until this release, developers who had a wish to use CSS3 with IE had to work a lot and build graphics and alternative CSS fallbacks for the browser.

New Tool

A new and excellent tool has been introduced that enables cross-browser CSS3 compatibility, it is called CSS3 Pie.

Written by Jason Johnston, CSS3 Pie is a new tool that has been specifically designed for CSS3 Progressive Internet Explorer. It is basically designed keeping in mind the older version of IE 6.0 and it thus provides amazing backward compatibility for CSS3.

It works by creating DHTML behaviours for browsers like IE that are able to comprehend. It has the ability to control its presentation to simulate CSS3 effects which is not displayed by browser natively. This allows the developers to translate the features of CSS3 like shadows, rounded corners, gradient background, etc without any difficulties.

This even allows to build a set of CSS3 definitions for elements (like call-to-action buttons) without even giving a thought about whether or not it will look good for the users who use older versions of IE. This tool enables the modern browsers to render CSS3 definitions easily.

Below shown is CSS rule for a button class which would help you learn how to use CSS3 Pie.

1..button { background-color:green; padding:5em;  -moz-border-radius: 1em; -webkit-border-radius:

2. 1em; border-radius: 1em;}

This would then create a button that would have nicely rounded corners in almost all th browsers except IE6-8.0

1..button {

2. .....

3. behavior: url(;

4. }

Add this rule and you will then see the same beautiful rounded corners on IE.

Web designers who are willing to use CSS3 in their projects, CSS3 Pie is your helping hand that will burn a lot of your stress on adding backward IE compatibility to the layouts. CSS3 Pie is still developing and it will soon offer you with some new features like multiple box shadows, radiel gradients, etc.

Don't wait anymore. Start using CSS3 Pie to work easily on CSS3 with your old IE versions. is a specialized PSD to HTML Conversion Company, backed with years of experience and diligent professionals. MarkupBox offers PSD to CSS, PSD to HTML5 and conversion services services like PSD to WordPress, ,PSD to Joomla, to PSD to Drupal, PSD to Email and much more.

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