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1 Small Point Makes A Big Difference On LinkedIn

by jewel

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By Jewel Bracy DeMaio Job Search Strategist Here’s what I’ve come to find from 15 years of guiding 6 and 7-figure executives in job search: doing the basics pave the path to success – period. Following is a cautionary tale that comes from a real client. Make a simple change to avoid the same mistake. Mr. Smith (real names have been changed to protect the unemployed) was most recently working as Chief Operating Officer for six manufacturing plants in two states. His total compensation was in the upper-$200s. He came to me for help with landing his next executive role. To do that, one step involved branding himself on LinkedIn, and ensuring his profile elevated and remained at the highest ranking. At first, Mr. Smith didn’t seem to believe that he needed to do anything beyond what he had already done on LinkedIn. He was in the top 1%, with profile views in the double digits one day after the next after the next. Fabulous…except that I asked him one simple question: are you getting calls from employers and recruiters about your next big job? What’s that, now? No. Alrighty then. Let’s investigate. I reviewed his LinkedIn profile. It took me entirely too long to find his phone number and email address. In fact, I never found them. They weren’t there. He overlooked the basics. So bear the following in mind: optimize your profile so you can get found. Then, ensure your headline is top notch so people want to click on it. Then, once they click on it, make sure those people have an easy way to contact you OUTSIDE of LinkedIn. LinkedIn emails and InMails just don’t count. Make sure your daytime phone number and real email address, the one you check 27 times daily, are prominently featured. Unless folks can contact you, it doesn’t matter how optimized and keyworded your LinkedIn profile is. Jewel Bracy DeMaio specializes in getting employers & recruiters to call you (instead of you chasing them). Find out all the sure-fire LinkedIn strategies in this free special report: How LinkedIn Can Actually Land You In Jail: 6 Ways To Protect Yourself: Who's Behind Here are some key points about me that should tell you what you want to know. These are the things people usually ask. But if there's anything I didn't cover here, just email me. I'm an open book. .....