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Tealight Candles is the Gift Source of Loved Appreciation

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A Tealight candle is one that is enclosed in a slim metal or plastic cup to ensure that the candle liquefies fully while ignited. These candles are generally small in size, circular in shape, wider than their actual height and less costly. Their name descends from their use as teapot warmers as well as food warmers. Multiple  are used simultaneously due to their small size and the low level of light they produce. They can be put to many uses and are a prevalent choice as votive candles and are quite a sight to watch when floated in water as they are very attractive.

Tealight Candles come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, types, styles, accessories and accessories styles. They could also be scented or unscented and have varying burning burn times. The scented candles they come in varying scents for the customer to choose from.

At ‘Waxations Hand- made Candles Company’, Tealight Candles are made of excellent quality fragrance oil and with candle wax that holds. They come in various colors, red, green, chocolate, ivory, pink, blue, orange and lavender. Some could be color- blocked to present themes colors of certain occasions or holidays. Say Christmas whose colors are red, green and gold, or a company’s colors say red and brown.

 For scented candles various fragrances are available in various groups. Fruits, outdoors, spices and flavorings scents. These could be incorporate singly or in a mixture of two or more scents.

Examples of single scents: Fruits- blueberry, outdoors- lily of the valley, Floral- lavender, spices- cinnamon and flavorings- vanilla. Examples of mixed scents:  apple and cinnamon scent.

These candles are not only used during various occasions such as holiday e.g. St. Patrick’s Day, weddings and funerals, they can also be used at home. In the kitchen, while taking a bath in the bath tub, during a massage for relaxing your mind and senses as well as during aroma therapy. The average burning time for a tea light candle is 3- 5 hours different to the night candle whose burn time is 8- 12 hours.

Accessories such as the candles holders could be made from ceramic bowls, modern designed flasks, glass holders, tea light lamps and the tea light holders come in various colors, shapes and styles.  Which in turn becomes a piece of art that could as well be used say, as an antique in the room? They are normally available online such as at the ‘Waxations Hand- made Candles Company’, at discount stores, gift stores as well as home décor stores.

Tealight Candles could as well be presented to a loved one as a present or as a token of appreciation.


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