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Software as a service: An overview

by anonymous

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IT industry has developed and grown with new innovative technologies within a short period of time. It is developing these technologies to enhance the business development and productivity. Cloud computing is the latest technology that has been implemented in IT industry to store and maintain the large amount of data and to enhance the business. Software development is the mainstream in the IT industry that designs and develops several applications that can be used to increase the business values. Cloud computing has the three main categories to perform different functions such as software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS).

Software as a service (SaaS) is a part of smart cloud computing to host the software services over the internet. It can provide the access to software functions as a web based service. In this method, service provider can interact with the user all the way through front end portal.  It can provide multiple benefits to the organization such as collaboration, automatic updates, global accessibility, compatibility, easier administration and many more. Hence, it is also termed as software distribution model. It can be related to the application service provider as it provides software services over the internet. SaaS is capable of managing and support several applications and technologies such as service oriented architecture (SOA), web services and many more.

SaaS is easily available over the internet. You can easily use this service with cost effective solutions to get many more business benefits. You can pay for it according to the usage. Generally, this service is used by large enterprises, which can distribute their application to the multiple users through internet connections. Users need to have a compatible browser to access the software; they can also run these applications within web browser. SaaS applications can be accessed thorough remote server rather that installing it on the physical servers. It is simple to maintain the SaaS applications for multiple users in different systems.

It is the best solution for all organizations to improve their business solutions with several management services. It allows organizations to access several business functions with less payment charges. It can also be referred as hosted applications. Hence, it is more useful category in cloud computing to enhance the business performance and productivity.

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