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Simple Info on a Good Corporate Branding Plan

by sharondahead

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The Clio Awards is the marvelous stage where advertisement and brand brand names from all 4 corners of the plant come together to witness entries that deserve to to be commended for creativity. The target date has actually passed as of March 2013, so it won't be long before enthusiasts discover who the winners are. Having said that, is your brand name good enough for a Clio?

Here's a look at your chances: less than 10% of all entries survive Round 1, below 3% receive a silver or bronze Clio award, and less than 1% obtain the gold Clio. Your brand advertising, in this case, will need to be a cut above the rest. The award-giving entity offers some amusing suggestions on what it will take for effective corporate branding to should have a Clio. In short, it's everything about working overtime.

120-Hour Workweeks

The standard work week in Australia is about 40 hours, which equates to 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday. Nevertheless, if you really want to win a Clio, your designers need to be prepared to work three times as long weekly. In addition to extra hours per day, they might need to work on a Saturday or Sunday.

Change Vegetables with Takeout

Strangely enough, a Chinese takeout is the focal point for the Clio Awards' infographic on what it takes to win a Clio. As designers may not have the time to prepare their food in your home, the "vegetable food group," as the infographic says, will be changed with takeout boxes. Of course, if someone is kind enough to bring food to the studio, it would be much appreciated.

A Little Clashing

A great idea for one person may be different from that of another; in an instant, you have two people discussing about which is the better concept. These roadblocks will exist, but they should be surmounted or the entry will not even make the deadline. This is where melding 2 special yet awesome ideas enters. For a corporate branding plan to be award-winning, designers should utilize the resources they possess and make the most out of them.

With designers who understand exactly what it takes to make award-winning pegs, corporate branding plans will remain in great hands. You can check out the infographic on On the other hand, the infographic itself may function as a great reference.


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