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Choosing the right LED strip

by dnieva

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When looking into many different factors that are attributed to home lighting, there is need to find a solution that will work for you. Today, there are plenty of options available to use in accomplishing this task and one that surely stands out is the use of LED lighting. LEDs are light-emitting diodes, simple apparatus that are transforming the way light is shed and how things are being lit up. One of the most transforming alternatives that have been presented to us, and which can be used not only for lighting but also to complement and improve the ambience of any living, entertainment or work space is the LED strip.


When looking at different options or trying to choose amongst all available LED strip options available, there is need to find something that will work for you. You need to go into consideration of what you are working on achieving with the lighting option you choose. Look at your space, the kind of light intensity you need and what you look to accomplish by installing any type of LED lighting option in your office, home or entertainment spot. However, despite all this, you need to consider choosing the right strip for use. Here are the most fundamental aspects that you have to consider before choosing your strip. Consider:


Strip LED diode type

The diode type on the strip will matter a lot in the type of light it will produce or give forth. It is essential that you understand the main types of diodes, which range from 3528, 5050 to 5060. These diode options are brighter and better as the range goes higher respectively.


The colour

The diode colour in a LED strip will also be a great determinant in the strip you choose. LEDs strips offer you three different options when it comes to LED colour; these are the analog LED strips that shed a single colour but this can be altered through the use of a DMX or remote controller, the single colour diodes which are of a single colour or the digital strips which enable you to alter the light you want for each diode on the strip.


Number of diodes in strip

The other thing that you need to consider is the number of LED bulbs in the strip. Strips may hold 30 to about 120 LEDs in a single meter. The higher the number of LEDs in the LED strip, the higher the cost but the better the light experience.

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