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What is SEO How to DO?

by anonymous

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SEO stand for search engine optimization.

lets spose you have create a new website now you want papoularty of your website and you want to get traffic on your website what will you do?. Will you share your website link with Facebook friends? or college friends? and other friends?. How much traffic will you get on your website with these steps?. About 50 to 100 visitors per day or more. Are these visitor are enough for your website? if enough then you don’t need to know or learning search engine optimization and if you know these visitor or not enough for your website then take a look on search engine optimization process.

What is SEO?

Bassically most of the people think getting traffic from google is search engine optimization. No its not deffination of SEO. Search engine optimization mean get traffic from all search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and others. Now problem is this that how user come from search engines?. Lets spose a website have chat room, free sms material and also have good seo using tips and tricks keyword. When a new user will type “tips and tricks” in search engines thats website will came on top or second. Then user will click on first 2 or 3 links and came on that site. Its called real traffic from search engines and to get good position in search engine called search engine optimization.

What is keyword?

After take a touch about search engine optimization next question is how we can do it?. Search engine optimization is most important part to get good traffic on your website. To start search engine optimization chose your keywords. Keywords are words that’s user type in search engine to find any content. Spose you want to get free hosting, you will type free hosting in Google and will reached on a website. The words that you have typed in engine is keyword. How Chose Best Keywords? Now you need to chose best keywords, i used chat room, Pakistani chat rooms, online chat rooms, web hosting in Pakistan. You can use online keywords tools like adwords keywords tools. Keyword tools will show you whats keywords are searching by users. Its mean keyword tools will show you searching of a keyword. Selecting good keywords are also most important part because if you work on low searching keyword then you will not get more traffic from Google. Lets spose user online urdu tutorials keyword searching about 3000/month and your website have good rank on this keyword. How much visitors will visit your site in a day? Maximum 100 visitors per day. So chose best searching keyword to get high traffic on your site.

How SEO work?

Before starting learning search engine optimization take a look how search engine optimization work. When a visitor search keyword on search engine then search engine will look on other website how much website are connecting with this keyword related content. Which website have good backlinks on thats keyword he will show on top in search engine. What is Backlink? Baclinks are most important part of search engine optimization, without it I don’t think you can optimization your website for search engine. Backlinks are links that you have post or add on other websites like adding chat room, Pakistani chat rooms , April Fool Sms link to other site.. Adding a backlink with anchore text good for your website on selected keyword. How to create backlinks?

How to do SEO?

After learning working of search engine optimization now need to learn how you can search engine optimization. You can search engine optimization with 2 most papoular and important method called on page optimization and off page optimization. These are important part of search engine optimization, about 38% visitor come due to on page optimization and 68% visitor visit your website due to off page optimization.

On Page Optimization:

On page optimization mean optimization on your website page. On page optimization can be by some technical method. You need to bold wordpress of your keywords that are on your page. In this article I have bold some wordpress its mean my keywords are those. You can add links of your other post into other post. Mean make a chain of your website.

Off Page Optimization:

Off page optimization mean add backlinks for your post to other website. There are allot of method to create backlinks.


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