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Pick the Perfect Picture for your Photo Blanket

by pensmith

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If you are looking for the perfect gift for any occasion, or an ideal way commemorate a special event, very few options compare to that of photo throw. Different sizes thickness and even material options for you personalized photo throw make this item a truly personal way to say thank you.

Now depending on your needs and preferences for your special order, you may choose different photo throws. Now custom photo blankets can be very beautiful mementos and become treasured possessions when you give them as gifts to friends or family members.

If you don’t have a picture you absolutely love for custom photo throw blankets, you may have a document of some type that can be used for a lovely, personalized gift. This could feature a snapshot of your wedding invitation, diploma or even the winning ticket from a lottery. So the choice is yours and should be something that will always be tied in your mind to a particular memory.

Basically, a snapshot that captures a special event or commemorates a unique moment in time is best. You could choose a wedding portrait, an awards ceremony at the moment when someone is receiving his or her trophy, or the moment when a child slides into home plate. During these days, photo throw is ideal because they give recipients the chance to relive the moment again and again whenever they use custom photo quilt.

Always try to make sure that your image is top quality for photo quilt. When you are sorting through family photographs looking for that special picture to reproduce for the family, keep a few photographers tips in mind, including the following:

Choose high contrast pictures so that family reproduction doesn’t end up looking flat or featureless.

Choose an uncluttered background with clean lines so that it doesn’t complete with the central image, you don’t want too many distractions that lessen the impact of the main image.

Look for photographs with crisp images that are not blurry. This is particularly very important if you are ordering a woven blanket that may lose a bit of clarity in translation.

Look for interesting and appealing color and texture juxtapositions for a dramatic effect.

If you have some trouble for choosing between several different photographs, you may want to design an artistic collage of images. Pictures of your home throughout the four seasons or a collage of images showing the grandchildren at various ages would both be impressive. You can also add a bit of text, such as a particular date or the name of a cabin, along the edge of most custom photo throw for easy identification. So if you are creating a gift someone special, you might also consider a black and white rendition to fit with their contemporary décor.

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