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All the Talk about Abortion

by jonesmichelle08

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We have been discussing and debating about abortion for a long time now. But how many of us actually experienced it? How many actually went through with the dilemma of having to choose abortion Virginia over the heavy responsibility a child brings to ones life? We discuss the difficulties. We discuss solutions. We debate, and we take sides. However, we react based on the values that we have grown up with. Most of our arguments are idealistic. Some who join the debate are even men. It does not matter what side they are on. They are still men.

What do they know about childbirth? Very few explore the idea of men actually being pregnant in real life. One example that I can think of is an old movie of Arnold Schwarzenegger called Junior. For those who have not heard about the film, this is basically the plot. Schwarzenegger is a scientist who entered an experiment that made him pregnant. There are small videos with the same concept, but they do not give that much of an impression. Yes, I understand that these films are made to show men how difficult it is to carry a child for nine months. But it is not like they are really experiencing it, right? We, women, appreciate it that men are more aware. But it does not mean they can stand up and speak for us, especially on the issue of abortion.

We appreciate the sympathy. We are moved by the concern. However, at the end of the day, men just do n0t feel what women feel. Even most of the women who discuss and debate and argue about abortion Virginia have perfectly normal lives to begin with. What do they know about trying to make the best choice in a seemingly hopeless situation? There are more women suffering from social, financial--sometimes, even psychological trouble. Most of them are not voicing their predicaments because they fear they cannot handle the stigma these will cause. Most of us will deny this, but the society judgments have a great effect on how we handle our selves.

What can really help is that every time academics or politicians or activists start discussing abortion Virginia and its implications to women and society, they find actual individuals (women) who are considering abortion. Get a list from abortion clinics (with the womens permission of course). Ask them if they are willing to go to your forum. Now, that is how you treat a highly sensitive and complicated issue.

Including actual people who have undergone or have considered abortion Virginia in your forums and discussions can help shed light in the matter. If they are comfortable to talk about their feelings, by all means, go talk about their feelings. Feelings are as basic to people as breathing. After all, are not they doing all this for the women themselves? If they are not really sure about the connotations of abortion to the society, ask those who are directly affected by this concern. If it helps more it destroys, perhaps it can have a real spot in our society.

Michelle Jones is the author of this article on abortion. Know more about abortion Virginia here.

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