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by finlayhardy

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Once you get past Kensington, West London just doesn’t exist. It’s as if there’s a gaping void beyond Fulham Broadway, a gap which no one can bridge. Mention Raynes park escorts and all you’ll get is blank looks, mention the ladies from Earl’s Court and their eyes will light up. They know all about these beauties, everyone does.

Things only get worse when you mention the restaurant scene. Everyone knows the big hitters that reside in their beautiful Georgian settings, but go a little further west and your request for a good place to eat will be met with a sigh and a suggestion to catch the tube into central. It’s a shame, because it’s not as if there’s a shortage of fantastic restaurants in the area, they just seem to be known only by the locals. A quick look at the review list of the major newspapers only confirms it. How many are there that detail eateries towards the tail end of the district line. you could certainly count them on one hand.

According to many property sites, West London is, beyond a certain point, simply bland. It’s nothing exciting, nothing bad. There’s no poverty to spark grassroots politics or art movements. There’s no affluence to bring the best of all things in. The ethnicity of the majority of people is one that supposedly offers little. So says popular opinion anyway.

Their loss. South African food might not have the same appeal as Indian, and there may not be anything as cute as dim sum but there’s certainly a whole range of culinary treats to explore. Meats are roasted or baked with smoky flavours and potent rubs a particular favourite. There is something truly delicious and filling about bobotie. This traditional dish pairs lamb with a rich, meaty sauce and the delicious crisp of a tart apple. Resembling the greek moussaka, there’s no doubt that this clever little combination of flavours would make a great impression if served to the masses, but it’s just one of the many dishes that few people will ever taste in their central London retreats.

Those lucky enough to dine with Wimbledon or Raynes Park escorts will know all about the delights of tipsy tart. A favourite amongst gorgeous ladies with a sweet tooth, it pairs a gooey brandy sauce with a dense, dark sponge, full of dates and nuts. It’s halfway between a boiled toffee pudding and a christmas pud, a glorious little treat that’s perfect as the end to a meal or with a cup of coffee on a cold winter’s evening.

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