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How to Boost Your Permission Based Email Marketing

by anonymous

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There are many online platforms that can be used to gear up marketing campaigns. Email marketing garnered quite a good ROI as proven over the years but it has been put into the shadows as social media and pay per click advertising enter the scene. The fact is email advertising still works because it simply communicates to consumers directly. If you want to send result-oriented emails, the key does not only lie in the copy of the content itself, but a lot of the success of email campaigns largely depends on what list you are using. Target e-mail marketing is an essential factor in getting sales and garnering positive results.


People react positively on an email if they find value in it.  So how do you find people that would find value to what you offer? The key is to implement a permission based email marketing strategy where users willingly give you their email address and contact information because they already have a general idea of what you are to offer to them and thus, you are most likely to get sales from these people.


Tips on How to Grow Your Opt-In List

There is other creative ways on how you can grow your list other than spreading email marketing contact forms within your website. The sign up form is the most common way to get emails but you get more response with other strategies:


Link Up

If you are an active member of a forum or an online community, you can put a simple link to your sign up page in your signatures. If members find you interesting or impressed in one of your forum posts, you are sure to get more subscribers.


Subscription Drive

For business owners with a brick and mortar store, you can hold a subscription drive where your walk in customers can leave their email address and give you permission to send them emails. You can offer incentives like discounts, VIP sales or a free gift in exchange for their contact information.


Forward to a Friend

You can also make use of this script so that your subscribers can easily share your newsletters to others. If your content is very informative and well thought off, it is most likely to passed, especially if they find the information or product that you are offering is valuable to some they know.

Email Advertising

You get targeted subscribers when you promote your newsletter to other publisher’s newsletter. Make sure that you are partnering up with someone who offers a related product or service. Most likely, if you are targeting the same audience as the publisher’s, then his list contains great candidates to be part of your permission based email marketing subscribers. This will give you better results than just throwing newsletters to anyone with an email address.

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