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Beginnings of Modern Portable Gas Grills

by dominicpablo

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A number of outdoor gatherings often serve grilled food. Shortly after the discovery of fire some 500,000 years ago, grilling as a cooking method was developed. However, it may be shocking for some that the transition from rudimentary, spit-over-the-fire methods to contemporary portable gas grills took place quite recently.

Before, cooking over the fire mainly involved suspending raw food over heated charcoal or wood. Ellsworth B.A. Zwoyer transformed the method of grilling by inventing the charcoal briquette in 1897, which was eventually sold commercially by the Ford Company in the 1920s. This user friendly fuel made grilling more attractive, although at the time, grilling was largely utilized for outdoor shindigs and camping.

Soon after the second world war, grilling became more accessible to the general public. This development is attributed to the creation of the flat brazier grill in the 1950s by George Stephen of the Weber Brothers. This grill was shaped like a kettle to distribute heat more equally and was adequately portable earning the favor of people who wanted to grill at home.

The more recognizable form of the modern-day gas grill was later created by William G. Wepfer in the 1960s, primarily as a means to sell natural gas to the locals in Little Rock, Arkansas. During the time, however, a large number of people took a stand that the smoky flavor from a charcoal grill efficiently surpasses a gas grill's thermal consistency. While the brand-new innovation did not immediately enjoy recognition, many people deem this to be the pivotal point in the ongoing dispute on whether charcoal or gas grilling generates more effective results.

The availability of natural gas for residential applications also opened the doors for the type of trusted and portable gas grills people utilize today. Created from lightweight stainless steel, modern gas grills usually weigh less than 20 pounds. Meanwhile, some gas grill models make use of infrared radiation to kick-start the cooking process.

The humble grill has certainly come a long way throughout the years. It is now an important piece of equipment for several activities like camping, backyard events, and the like. For more relevant info, see:

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