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Purse Accessories To Jazz Up Your Bags

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There are many ways on how you can achieve a different look for your bags. Most women would want their bags to match whatever they have on. May it be the color that would complement their dress or a pop of print to add spice to a neutral outfit. There are many purse accessories that you can use to make your bag look different every time. By using these, you can even make a custom bag that speaks of your personality and creativity. Here are some ideas that you can use.


There are satin flowers that can be bought to put on your bags. They come in different sizes, patterns, texture and fabric type. You can bunch up small flowers together or you can just go with one bold one to add a little punch to your usual bag. There are large chiffon flowers that you can use or you may also pick flower clusters too. Most of the flowers used are often peonies, sunflower and daisies.


Similar to flower accessories, you can design a purse with bows. They come in different colors as well and can give bags a new look. You can use various bows to complement your outfit to get style that you are gearing for. Big bows are usually used to add to bags to give it some pop of color.


Scarf is one of the more versatile accessories that you can use. You can buy a number of scarves and use it to groom your custom bag. You can go with solid colors scarves or you can choose different prints too. Most of these accessories have prints like flowers, patterns, shapes and even animal prints. You can have polka dots and striped scarves as you wish. Twisting scarfs or just tying it around your bag handles can immediately give a brand new look. This is also great if you want to pick something to match your attire.


Key chains are fun to use to design your purse. You can virtually use anything. If you want to go for a girly, fun look, you can use a plush keychain of your favorite cartoon character to give some interest to your bag. You can also go feminine and use a flowers or something that represents a woman sleek and sexy metal key chains in form of woman’s body.

Interchangeable Purse

Today, the new trends in bags is to be versatile and interchangeable so you can just mix and match Purse Accessories according to your wish. You can get a base tote where you can change purse handles. There are ribbons, lace and rivet-designed handles that you can use whenever you wish to be used on the same bag. You can also add some accessories to design a purse. Hardware is also something that you can change according to your preference. With these Custom Bags you can use it all the time and then jazz it up as you go.

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