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Rural livelihood and nutrition enhanced through Keggfarms

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Keggfarms Pvt. Ltd. is one of the oldest poultry breeding organizations of India, established in 1967. Since 1990, the Company is whole heartedly dedicated in developing the rural specific poultry stocks branded 'KUROILER' and is the first commercial entity in India to focus exclusively on development, production and supply of scientifically developed poultry stocks for production in village households. Keggfarms, through a unique and innovative supply chain, has already reached out to one million disadvantaged rural households, across 13 states of India.

As backyard poultry was a common practice within rural households, Keggfarms, during the early ‘90s developed KUROILER, a low-input, high-yielding village specific poultry stock and structured a rural network modus that helped the bird to reach the doorstep of rural households and also even in the most remote areas.

The village hardy bird produced by Keggfarms, is a dual purpose bird with significantly higher productivity traits than indigenous birds while retaining many of their desirable features, such as multiple feather colors for camouflage, ability to escape from predators and resistance to diseases. Reared under scavenging/ semi- scavenging conditions, they begin laying eggs at six months of age and lay approx 150 to 200 eggs in one egg-laying cycles as compared to 40 to 40 eggs laid by local desi birds.

Rearing the hardy birds has proved to be a viable option to earn income by old-women, widows and women-headed households in rural areas. Generation of income from KUROILERS has improved their financial status and provided them with significant inputs for family education, health and services. KUROILER rearing has enhanced food security and household nutrition by making the huge availability of eggs and chickens to the village population who were otherwise dependent on costly retail outlets in the city. A 10% and a 40% increase in meat consumption amongst the poorest and poultry keeper categories and a 60% rise of egg consumption within all income groups have been assessed till date. This practice has provided livelihood opportunities to dealers, mother Units, vendors and Small farmers and helped them to emerge as micro Entrepreneurs in rural or semi-urban areas in India.

The key element that has helped Keggfarms to sustain in business throughout these years was the use of the right technology through an innovative distribution channel, targeting the poor population of our economy that comprises the majority of our Indian economy.


Author Bio:

Mr Vipin Malhotra is the Chief Executive Officer at Keggfarms Pvt. Ltd. which is one of the oldest poultry breeding organizations of India established in 1967. It is best known for pioneering genetic breeding of poultry stocks in India and is dedicated towards the development of rural specific poultry stock branded 'Kuroiler'.

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