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Important Differences Between Workouts for Women and Men

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Many male personal trainers have spent the better part of their careers working with men, but over the past few years, the idea that men must train with male trainers and women must train with female trainers has really dissipated, meaning you have probably taken on more clients who are women. Many male personal trainers approach women the exact same way they approach their male clients, providing them with the exact same training and workouts. Other male personal trainers are on the opposite end of the spectrum: they treat their female clients too delicately. If you have never had to plan workouts for women and would like to start doing so, the key thing to remember is to find a balanced approach. Any health or fitness expert will tell you that workouts for women and men generally shouldn’t be exactly the same, because men and women are (obviously) built very differently. Even if a woman you are working with wants basically the same results as one of your male clients, you still must vary the workouts, or you run in to a great deal of frustration. Women have more fat deposits than men in certain areas (namely thighs and buttocks) and will therefore require a more intense workout in those areas. Workouts for women must be designed around a woman’s physiology in order to get the best results.

Though there are some challenges when designing workouts for women, you will also find many areas that are easier than they are for men. Women are often more naturally flexible in some areas, and that will make certain exercises easier. Women tend to be more flexible around the midsection and hip, meaning their execution of certain exercises that target those areas will be smoother and easier for them to master. Take advantage of that and provide them with extra challenges in those areas.

Some male trainers seem to think that workouts for women have to be easy, and that they shouldn’t be too harsh with women as they might end up with hurt feelings. Not only is this extremely insulting, it’s also going to frustrate both you and your clients because you will not get results as quickly as you would like to. The idea that women are more delicate or sensitive than men is a very outdated one, so you should treat your female clients the same way you would treat your male clients. Along those same lines, avoid referring to your female clients by terms of endearment such as “sweetie” or “dear.” This, of course isn’t limited to personal trainers. Many people in general find this to be an appropriate way to address women, but again, it’s an outdated idea. Women don’t need to be coddled or made to feel special. Think of it this way: if it’s something you wouldn’t do with your male clients, don’t do it with your female clients. So unless you plan on calling a male client “sweetheart,” don’t do it with the women!

There are some differences in planning workouts for women, but remember to be practical and informed about what those differences are so that you and your client can see the results that you want.

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