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Books on Locksmithing: Learning the Craft at Home

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Whether you’re interested in the field of locksmithing simply to change your own home’s locks and keys, or you’d like to get into the profession in a commercial job, working on homes, offices and cars, there are a variety of ways you can learn the craft.


If you’re the type of person who doesn’t have the luxury of leaving the house often, you can learn locksmithing from home through different types of media, such as books on locksmithing. Studying on your own pace may be a good idea for those who want to connect with other locksmithing novices and industry experts through Internet forums, message boards and associations.

How to Buy Books on Locksmithing

Aside from choosing good books on locksmithing, it is highly important to buy quality tools. You don’t necessarily have to buy the most expensive ones, but be sure that their quality is good. Cheap, substandard tools will actually cost you more money in failed projects and injuries, and they tend to wear out quickly.

Good Locksmithing

Being a good locksmith begins with learning the basics, which includes knowing how to use your tools and supplies. The first important step is learning how to tell the difference between lock varieties, the second major step is familiarizing yourself with using the standard hand and power tools of the trade so that you can work without any delays. Here’s how to learn locksmithing at home:



Buy introductory books on locksmithing through an online vendor. Titles include topics such as “Master Keying,” and “Lock Picking.” Choose a book that provides step by step illustrations on the different aspects of the craft.


Watch DVDs or online videos of locksmithing topics such as “Automatic Doors - Daily Safety Checks,” “Decoding and Making Keys for Cars,” “Aiphone Intercom Installation Tape,” and “Tech-Train Jiffy-Jak Vehicle Entry System,” available from online retailers.


Post your inquiries or review others’ questions on locksmithing advice websites. As an example, the Master Locksmiths Association site has special locksmithing sections, featuring ‘how to’ information and FAQ topics such as “I’ve heard of lock snapping, what should I do to stay safe?”


Become a member of industry groups such as the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA). Industry organizations usually provide links of members’ contact information, contacts of local locksmithing groups, conferences and formal educational seminars. For instance, the MLA offers a list of qualified locksmith-members, a question and answer bulletin board, newsletter, online assistance and a growing number of educational training venues.


Try out a beginner’s locksmithing task, such as picking a simple door lock. Websites can give updated instructions along with full tool and material lists to help guide an aspiring locksmith. W2 also has online training courses that can help you correctly shop for supplies. Be sure to know the basics and have the right tools if you want to become a successful locksmith. NW6 security experts usually start out by buying inexpensive supplies.


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