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The Truth About Slate Roofs from Birmingham Roofing Experts

by whiteheadkip

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Slate roofings are one of the best choices for roof a Birmingham resident (or any property owner for that matter) might have. They're stunning, long lasting, waterproof, and fireproof. Yet these products have commonly been under extreme examination and attack, generally due to the fact that people have no idea how to look after them effectively. If a slate roofing system needs upkeep, repair work, or replacement, what's a homeowner in this Oakland County city supposed to do?
The best method for someone to secure his/her slate roofing is to comprehend it. This makes it necessary to employ Birmingham roofing contractors who should know every option to a roofing problem. Now and then, a poorly informed roofer will tell you that you need to replace your whole slate roofing when, in reality, your slate roof may yet have fifty-plus years remaining in its lifetime. Below are some myths and falsehoods about slate roofings.
• You should replace your entire slate roofing because felt paper underneath the slate is run-down. This is entirely wrong. As soon as the slate roofing is installed, the felt paper will no longer serve any beneficial purpose; the tiles are what make the slate roofing system drip-proof. If a roofer suggests that the underlying felt paper is an important part of the slate roof system, slate roofing systems are certainly not his specialized.
• Slate tiles are an obsolete roofing product and are no longer sold in the market. Wrong once more. Slate is still quarried in New york city, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Virginia, not to mention various other slate quarries all over the globe. Substantial deposits of slate lies within the planet, and they aren't likely to be reduced any time soon. Likewise, there are also restored slates offered.
• Knowledgeable Birmingham roofers who know exactly how to work slate roofing systems are tough to discover. Unfortunately, there is some honest truth to this. You'll likely come across a roofing contractor who's merely tossing you lip service before you discover one who can back up his claims of being a qualified slate roofer, so be patient and precise in your search.
If a slate roofing system owner has the correct expertise, he'll be enjoying his slate roofings for many years to come. With the help of a competent roofing professional, you can not resolve barely any slate roofing problem. For some DIY slate roofing upkeep tips, go to



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