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Customized Communications System Solutions with Arrow S3

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Every business has its own unique communications needs. Some businesses are almost entirely phone based, while employees in other firms may largely communicate through email and instant messaging, or another might be mobile-focused and heavily dependent on cell phones or text messages. Regardless of your business' performance preference, there is a customizable Avaya communications solution for you.

Communications solutions are systems and tools working together to increase productivity. Seamless integration allows users to navigate between devices putting you in control of your communications system wherever and however you need it. Customizable solutions are tailored to your exact needs; with Avaya there is no one-size-fits-all solution, there is only the solution that is right for you.

System Implementation

Communications system solution providers, like Arrow S3, work closely together with businesses prior to the system implementation plan to develop mutually agreed upon system components and project sequences.

On-site installation includes full diagnostic testing to ensure error-free functioning of core processes and backup functions as well as connectivity tests and guaranteeing that security features are fully in place.

Providers offer ongoing monitoring to support Avaya systems and keep communications systems working at peak performance levels throughout the year.


Refined to perfection

True communication solutions build off the progress of past campaigns. Good communications solution providers, like Arrow S3, refine their processes after each implementation to provide customers with the most streamlined services available. Arrow S3's goal is to provide the best communications solution with unsurpassed customer satisfaction. To that end, Arrow S3 incorporates each project with a post-implementation review that:

  • examines internal and external conditions for review

  • identifies root causes of challenges and ensures appropriate corrective action is taken

  • analyzes excellent results and incorporates findings into ongoing best practices

Each post-implementation review improves Arrow S3's established best practices to provide the best possible customer service experience for Avaya support on the market.


Unified Communication Solutions

Unified communication solutions simplify the integration of various communication components an organization deals with every day making voice, video and data work together on your behalf. User-friendly design incorporates how the people in your organization actually use technology to provide practical solutions that increase your overall efficiency, productivity and effectiveness.

Unified communication strategy is set based on the habits and needs of a given corporate workforce. Arrow S3 provides seamless integration of real-time services like telephones and instant messaging with non-real-time services like email and voice messaging.

Take this practical example: while trying to communicate with a colleague, a team member might contact that person five different ways: by calling the desk phone and cell phone, and by sending an instant message, text message and email. If the colleague is unavailable, he will have any of five different avenues from which to reply, from five different failed attempts at communication. By unifying internal communication processes, businesses can streamline this approach to:

  • automatically send voice mail files by text, email or instant message

  • automatically transcribe voicemails into text emailed to the user

  • make desk phones and cell phones ring simultaenously

Any of these processes saves businesses time on both ends of the communication as messages are left only once and guaranteed to be received through optimal forms of communication.

Whether you're looking for efficiency and savings in the physical setup, streamlined processes or practical use of your communication systems, there is a customizable Avaya communications solution that will work perfectly for you.


-Chris Gaffney

Shared Solutions and Services, Inc. (S3), a wholly owned subsidiary of Arrow Electronics, Inc., is a uniquely-capable total solutions provider specializing in unified communications, voice and data technologies, contact center and network security, and Avaya support.

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