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kick cat fleas with effective cat fleas options

by genericfrontline

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kick cat fleas with effective cat fleas options

Just like dogs even cats are infected by fleas and ticks but unfortunately the flea treatment for cats are not similar to dogs. These are some medications, which are used on dogs, but cats are allergic to the same. So let us look at some flea treatments, which are explicitly meant to kill cat fleas.


  Some flea prevention for cats Lemon sponge


 Slice some lemon and put them in boiling water, allow the water to boil for at least 2 min. Then turn off the gas and let the lemon stay in the water over night. In the morning take a sponge, immerse it in the solution, and wipe your cat with it. Do this at least thrice a week for effective flea prevention for cats.

Bath the cat


 You must bath the cat at least thrice a week in case the fleas are very intense. This will keep the cat neat and clean and at the same time, it will help the cat get rid of flea’s eggs and fleas. Bathing must be done on alternate days and warm water must be used. Wipe the cat properly as they are prone to getting cold.


  Cleaning house and its surrounding


 Cleaning the house is very important, as it will wipe away all fleas and ticks present. Cat’s fleas are not present just on your cats but they are everywhere including the house. It will be of no use if you just clean the cat and not your house, as fleas from the surrounding will soon capture your cat. Vacuuming and washing all things are the only way for all-round flea prevention for cats. Diatomaceous earth Diatomaceous earth can be spread all over the lawn and bushes where you cat plays. This is natural and will kill all car fleas in no time. It is better to sprinkle this after you have cleaned all bushes and grass of the lawn. I have tried each of this flea prevention for cats and they have all got 100% success rate.

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