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Keylogger For Computers – Now Becoming a Must for Every Hom

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Not a few people sometimes wish that they know what some other people are doing on the computer. Imagine a parent being able to effectively monitor his or her child’s activities on the internet, or a manager being able to know what his employees are doing on their computers when you are not watching them.

Many people are often shocked to realize that their employees spend company’s time and bandwidth surfing and chatting online while a lot others play games on their pc. Also there could be some who trade company secrets.

With a keylogger installed on the pc, one can tell what and what that was done on his computer in his absence. Parents can go on to protect their children from internet related hazards.

A keylogger is a computer monitoring device which could be in software form or hardware form. As software, it could be downloaded by someone who wants to keep surveillance on a computer, though they are sometimes downloaded as spywares. As a hardware, it comes as an a battery-sized device that is plugged to connect the keyboard and the computer.

The hardware types are often preferred as their functions, recordings and playbacks are not limited to only one computer. Also they can work well with any type of operating system, be it Linux, Mac OS or Windows. Most significantly, they do not require access to the computer operating system to be installed and so they can be operated discreetly without the knowledge of the target user being monitored. Also security scanners and anti spywares cannot detect them as is the case with the software types.

Its appearance always makes it difficult to detect by someone who is unaware of its installation.

As the computer user types away, the keylogger records the keystrokes being made. These key strokes are then saved as texts in the device’s hard drive. At a later time, the one who installed the hardware has to remove it physically and then go on to access the information it has gathered, most probably on another computer.

The storage capacity could range from 2Mb up to 2Gb flash memory, organized into an advanced flash FAT file system. The data being recorded can be retrieved by switching into flash drive mode for download.

The installation of a keylogger is not brain surgery. No complex programming code is required, and installation takes only a few seconds.

Apart from monitoring one’s child or employee, it also helps in backing up typed texts, and retrieving lost or unknown passwords. It is also popular with investigators for collecting computer-related evidence.

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