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All About the West African Shea Butter- The Benefits and Use

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Shea butter is an African wonder. Derived from the African shea tree, shea butter is a significant substance which is crushed and then processed to achieve the vegetable fat which is popularly known as the shea butter. If you’re not familiar with the benefits of unrefined West African shea butter then you’re missing something important for sure. The unrefined shea butter is touted for its range of benefits that include skin protection, healing, healing, anti-aging etc. The emollient properties of the same make shea butter an important natural skin care ingredient.

Shea butter is that fatty extract which contains all vital ingredients not limited to biological activities but are widely used owing to its skin healing and moisturizing properties. Scientific observations tend to verify the benefit of using shea butter. It has been seen that the occurrence of skin diseases reduce to a minimum with the regular use of shea butter that can keep your skin exceptionally smooth and supple.

Scars make us self conscious. If you’re ashamed of wearing short skirts due to some scars, then you can find some creams available on the market that contains shea butter. This natural fat claims to make the scars disappear. It can aid in reducing the appearance of the ugly scars.

Shea butter can help improve the texture of your skin. It aids in removal of the dark spots and areas, age spots and blemished. As per medical science, shea butter is quite effective decongestant and includes anti-inflammatory properties. Apart from the protecting, moisturizing and emollient properties, unrefined shea butter is important to the maintenance of good and healthy skin. It also aids in the treatment of strains, sprains, burns, and many other chronic conditions like rheumatism and arthritis etc.

Owing to its numerous advantages and versatility, Western African shea butter is used in lamp fuel, cooking and also in cosmetics and soaps etc. In different parts of the world, newborns get a good rub down in this non toxic, all natural product which helps to safeguard them from the extreme African weather. The use of shea butter oils is quite pre-dominant in the traditional African healers since centuries in order to treat several skin conditions.

The best thing about shea butter is that it can penetrate into the skin with ease thereby allowing the skin to respire without blocking the pores. It also contains good concentration of linoleic acid that offers skin protection at the cellular level and vitamin A, E, and F that safeguard against the premature wrinkles.

The presence of Vitamin F in the Raw Shea Butter ensures that it will help treat chapped, dry and rough skin. The distinct properties of this African natural product also include unsaponifiables stuff which cannot crumble into alcohol, salts and acids. This is the main reason why shea butter is found to be greatly absorbable.

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