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Egypt tours leave an unforgettable impression on travellers

by Orientaltours

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A history of over four millennia does give an edge to Egypt as far as ancient heritage is concerned and the country is certainly not lacking in evidence of its rich ancient history. The Pyramids of Egypt and the Sphinx are so well-known as to be ingrained in the subconscious of every educated person in the world. The geographical location of the country is nothing to be sneezed at and it combines the best of the Mediterranean and the Middle East. The winter months are the favourite time for Egypt holidays as the weather is warm and sunny during the day although temperatures do drop in the evening.

The popularity of Egypt as a holiday destination can be gauged by the fact that Egypt tours are a dime a dozen and offer great bargains. All tours of Egypt mostly commence from Cairo, the capital of the country and this bustling metropolis welcomes millions of tourists every year. Home to the legendary Pyramids and the Sphinx, the very sight of these mammoth monuments is sure to make your jaws drop in awe. Its sheer magnitude and marvel of engineering leaves every visitor spellbound. Besides boasting of ancient history, Cairo is also the commercial hub of Egypt and has modern shopping centres along with old, atmospheric bazaars. There are plenty of lively nightclubs and you can catch a session of belly dancing at any one of the entertainment centres.

For most travellers their Egypt toursare incomplete unless their Nile cruise booking has also been done. The fabled Nile River is the life source of Egypt and has been so since the ancient ages. It is a fascinating trip down the river Nile which can be made more so if you opt for a Dahabiya cruise. The dahabiya is a sailing boat in the colonial style which was used to ferry Europeans across the waters in the early nineteenth century.

Another must-visit Egypt destination is Luxor which can also be the ending or starting point for travellers taking the Nile cruise. Luxor resembles an open-air museum with its innumerable palaces, tombs and statues. The huge Karnak temple never fails to awe visitors with its lovely frescoes which have been amazingly preserved and its hieroglyphics. A visit to the remote Siwa oasis will give you a glimpse of desert life.

Egypt tours also take in the lovely coastal resorts of Sharm El-Sheikh or Hurgada on the Red Sea where you can take a break from history and culture and simply soak up the sun. The ‘Red Riviera’ as the region is popularly known offers some of the most spectacular diving sites with beautiful coral reefs and exotic fish. Indulge in scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming or just relax in its many nightclubs.

Egypt tours leave an indelible impression and once visited the country is not easy to forget.

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