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iDeal: The Genuine Story Of Kia in Indianapolis

by deweysetlak

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If you find yourself walking through an Indianapolis Kia dealership, trying to find your next SUV or sedan, and listening to the sales pitch of a dealership, it helps to know that you're in fact bordered by 65 years of vehicle history full of excellent milestones. Founded in 1944 and was at first a producer of bike parts and steel tubing, Kia Motors is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Below is a brief account on how Kia progressed from producing bike elements to manufacturing quality automobiles.

1960s and 70s

It was in the 1960s and 70s when Kia started its vehicle production with three-wheeled cargo autos and trucks. The business had a number of "firsts" in this decade that made a significant impact not only on their condition in the auto industry, but on Korea's economic climate also. To be more particular, it began production of Korea's first truck (K-360), developed Korea's first fully integrated factory, and manufactured Korea's first interior combustion engine.


As Kia's vehicle line became more prominent and diverse, it began to increase its market share by striking a take care of other automobile makers. In 1984, the business opened its first Research and Development Center. Through the years, Kia did its best to show their dedication to its customers by producing affordable yet reliable autos.


Much like most major growths, Kia experienced a many obstacles and troubles when it came to establishing its brand. However, Kia rose above its hardships and emerged successful thanks to the success of autos like the Sephia and the popularity of its SUVs. Kia was able to progress and adapt to the telephone call of the moments even after the Asian financial crisis of 1997.

2000s to Present

In 2010, Kia vehicle sales reached over 1.4 million. That same year, the company opened its first U.S. manufacturing plant in West Point, Georgia and saw a 19 percent increase in its yearly sales. Today, Kia cars are regularly included in top choices for performance and worth.

Now you understand the major highlights of Kia's journey to become one of the leading auto makers worldwide. The following time you see a Kia Sorento in Indianapolis dealers, you know that it's more than just a crossover SUV-- it's a legacy. For more information about this topic, you can see

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