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Usual Cases an Expert Injury Attorney in San Diego Handles

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Personal injury can range from minor cuts and bruises to more serious and incapacitating impairments that cause lifelong incapacity. Therefore, a typical injury attorney in San Diego can handle a huge variety of cases. Sufferers of personal injury can obtain recompense if the court finds out they are entitled to any.

Head injury

Head injuries can cause intense neurological effects, primarily for kids. Slip and fall accidents in bathrooms and kitchens typically trigger varying levels of head injury. Head injuries that trigger brain damage obviously deserve much higher recompense than simple and quickly treatable injuries to the head.

Spinal cord injury.

This type of injury is quite typical during auto collisions. An unforeseen stop can throw a person's head forward even while the rest of their body is harnessed to the seat. This motion can break the ligaments of the cervical vertebrae (the neck) and the spine within.

In a non-vehicular collision, spinal cord injury can usually result from a slip and fall accident. This is normally associated with the failure to construct safety indications as necessary, like a "wet floor" sign on a freshly mopped or waxed floor. The degree of pain and suffering, in addition to the risk of long-lasting paralysis, will rely on the extent of spinal cord damage.


Gross carelessness can lead to something as ruining as paralysis. The most popular kind of paralysis is paraplegia, the loss of sense and control of the lower body resulting from trauma to the lower back. A less popular kind is quadriplegia, the loss of control of all four limbs. With appropriate treatment, many patients are able to walk with support within a year.

Notwithstanding, major physical injury resulting from the negligence or valiance of another person should have complete compensation. After all, the damage could have well been stayed away from and so becomes the duty of the accused to correct or undo. When filing an injury claim, make certain to find a skilled injury attorney in San Diego. For more information, see

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