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Why is residential Land survey required?

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The basic of Residential land survey is measurements of boundaries of the piece of land. These are the most common type of surveys. Residential land surveys are among the most common type of survey that is normally encountered by a layman. It is also known as a boundary survey. It is used in the property disputes or prior to building on the land.

When a survey is done especially an old one, it may turn out to be incorrect or there might be some discrepancies now due to natural changes. This is proven in location prone to earthquakes, steep hillside or even flooding areas. Over a period of time earth also moves considerably, so what you viewed few years back may not be so as to what you are viewing now. You can get a glimpse of the entire area and if you find any difference then you can get a new description. 

Land Surveying service becomes difficult when it comes to buying a piece of residence. This type of survey is more complex as it is not mere boundary measuring. Residential Land Surveyors research thoroughly and thereafter plot the legal boundaries of it.

The first step of a land surveying service is to look out for property records. These include deeds, certificates and other legal papers. Thereafter residential Land surveyors research records, easements and old surveys. All these have a possibility of influencing his findings. Today’s homes are mostly built on property sold after dividing large property. This actually makes the job of residential land surveyors difficult more if it was not a thoroughly researched one.

Once he understands the property boundaries, the land measurements are taken. Points are marked in order to make resurveying land easier in future. It is taken through a tape or an EM which is electronic equipment. These days these researches also witness the use of GPS. Latest technology gives more accurate results.  

Each location is measured several times measure each location, averaging them to find out the true position. Thereafter the easements and locations would be marked. Post its completion the surveyor would walk on the property with you showing you the landmarks. Differences of current and previous research would be shown to you including encroachments if any. 

Once Construction surveyors Virginia complete their work the boundaries marked by them become legal. Though there would not be huge differences but considerable variations can be noticed. This is not the case always. In case of boundary disputes neighbors would also have to conduct surveys. If your property is surveyed by Land or Construction surveyors Virginia, there would be no uncertainty about the land boundaries. 

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