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Oracle DBA is gaining popularity in IT industry

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It is a well-known fact that IT industry has multiple business streams to increase its competency in this commercial business industry. Oracle is one of them, which can help organizations to manage the database and develop applications on Pl or SQL platforms. Oracle has many modules like apps DBA, database, RDMS and many more. Oracle DBA is the popular module that manages complete database in server side like memory management, data access and more. It is abbreviated as database administration. Every organization prefers maintaining the database and developing applications related to that using SQL or PL/SQL platforms.  It is relational database to support SQL server language.

Generally, any organization has multiple databases to maintain them according to the requirements. So, these industries require database administrator to maintain this database system. Each oracle database requires one administrator because it is huge system and has multiple users.  In IT industry, there are multiple openings for oracle DBA jobs to maintain their responsibilities in managing the system. They have many responsibilities such as installation of oracle server and upgrade the application tools, enroll users to maintain system security, assign system storage and plan for future storage systems in database and many more. Once the oracle developer designs an application, they should create primary objects and database storage structures (tablespace, vies, indexes). After gathering information from applications developer, you should modify, control and monitor the structure of database and user access to it. They should maintain archived records and plan for information backup and recovery.

In some information technology companies, there is vast amount of data, which has to be managed. Oracle is the great platform to maintain the database server and many more things. Most of the organizations are implementing oracle architecture to identify the system. One should have knowledge on multiple operating systems, oracle security management, data integrity and physical database to get an employment in IT organizations. Database administrators should have networking and development skills. They should also have experience on system administration, project management and scripting skills. The main responsibility of this administrator is to evaluate the server to install the oracle software, plan, create and open the database to maintain the back up. They should implement the design and function to tune the database performance.  There is huge scope for this field in IT industry as long as the data has to be maintained. Information technology is the main sector, which contains massive amount of information.

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