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Direct Debit Online Service: A Better Way of Working

by mikerowland

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With the increasing awareness of using the internet in each and every walk of life, efforts have been made to introduce technological advancements in the fields of day to day banking and receiving and making payments. These efforts had led to usage of credit and debit cards, ACH, electronic payments, among others, but all these came along with their own shortcomings. To overcome these, introduction of Direct Debit Online Service took place, which can be considered as a new phase in receiving and making payments. BACS, the organisation behind the introduction of this technology, has been giving efforts since many decades to make the life easier, with the result being Direct Debit.


Usage of paper has been considered as a non-environment friendly option, and to support this eco-friendly project it is important to eliminate usage of paper as far as possible. A multitude of paper is used when financial transactions take place because of usage of checks, cash, making a note of the transactions, and the like. All these can be eliminated when you utilise Direct Debit Online Service in day to day work. Now you might be wondering why you should use Direct Debit when there are many more online payment systems that have a proven track record, the fact remains that all these methods are expensive, time consuming and are not completely secure. Direct Debit was designed keeping all these factors in mind and the companies that are using this technology are happily satisfied with the change in the way they are working.


In-house setup is possible when you use Direct Debit Online Service. It is highly recommended for companies that are large in size, and have resources in abundance because it is quite expensive when installed and is also high maintenance. This setup is perfect when you want independence from all the third parties and know that you have competent staff that can take care of all the transactions. If you are unsure about your financial status or need assistance of an expert throughout the process, then it is best to go for outsourcing with the service provider's website. The process is completely secure and none of your personal information would be leaked without your consent.


In outsourcing, a service provider like SmartDebit would need all the basic details of your company like the account number, active email address, other bank details, contact address and number, among others. Once you tie up with the service provider, you can just sit back and enjoy the services of Direct Debit Online Service at low transactional fees.

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