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Know About The Treatment For High Blood Pressure

by myhealthy

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In common terms, high blood pressure can be referred as high pressure or tension in the arteries. Arteries are those vessels which carry blood from the heart to the entire tissues and organs of the body. The disease is technically known as hypertension. It is often mistaken with emotional tension but actually emotional tension and stress just increases the pressure of the blood for a temporary period.


The normal human body blood pressure is 120/80. However, when it exists between 120/80-139/89 it is known as pre-hypertension while the readings beyond these are known as hypertension.


The major drawback of this problem is that no symptoms appear in the body with the initiation of the disease. Therefore, a lot of complications develop before it can actually be diagnosed. Thanks to the public awareness and screening programs, it can be detected early. With this, complications in the treatment get significantly reduced.


Is the treatment for high blood pressure possible?


Although, medications become essential to instantly control the problem, however, it can further be prevented with the adoption of a healthy lifestyle. Some of the measures you can opt for:


  • Maintain a healthy weight: being overweight contributes significantly in the development and persistence of hypertension. Therefore, try to keep your body weight within normal levels.


  • Regular exercise: those who are physically active are less prone to getting high blood pressure. Adopting a daily routine of yoga and exercise will help you to reduce high blood pressure.


  • Reducing salt intake: the amount of sodium consumed decides the pressure of blood flow in the arteries. Therefore, hypertensive patients must pick a goal of less than 4 grams of salt in a day.


  • Either say no or reduce your alcohol intake: Too much alcohol is harmful for patients of hypertension. Therefore, if you are in the habit of drinking, reduce it to not more than two drinks a day.


  • Stress reduction: it is advisable for a hypertensive patient to be calm and happy. Stress in his/her life can further aggravate the problem of hypertension.


New discoveries in the treatment high blood pressure:


Researchers, while they study, revealed that a hormone named epoxide hydrolase is helpful in controlling high BP. Mainly this hormone controls the growth of the insects. It is also involved in the breakdown of anti-inflammatory arachidonate metabolites called EETs or epoxyeicosatrienoic acids. This breakdown of EETs helps in reducing hypertension in rodents. Moreover, vascular inflammation and end-organ damage can also be reduced with this enzyme.


If this enzyme is developed in oral form, it helps in reduction of BP readings in middle aged individuals.




It is very important to timely opt for the treatment of high blood pressure as otherwise, it increases the risk of developing heart disease, kidney disease, arteries hardening, eye damage and stroke.


These complications are often also known as end-organ damage. Therefore, timely diagnosis is important to prevent complications.


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