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Respond To Customer Treads With Responsive Web Design

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After a holiday or a break, a lot of companies consider getting a new web design or upgrading their existing website design. In the past you could contact a web design company, list your requirements and then they would design and build your website. The website would be tested on all desktop browsers and checked how it would look on different computer screens.


Changing trends.

In the last 12 -18 months, trends are starting to change. More and more people are using their smart phone devices like Android and iPhone to view website. Tablets like the iPads and smart TV’s are replacing the home computer. Traffic reports show that 30% of traffic to a website is from mobile devices. The issue for companies considering a website now is how it will look on a mobile device, an iPad or a TV.

If a company goes with a traditional design, it might look fine on a computer, but on a mobile device like an iPhone, it may look too small and the customer will have to pinch and zoom on each page, or on a TV screen, it might look stretched. One obvious solution is to build an app for each device, but this would mean an app for the iPhone and another for the android devices, but then there are the blackberry devices and the Window 8 mobile devices!


This is where Web Design Galway can help. When we design a website we are catering for all devices using a technique called Responsive Web Design or “RWD”.


So what is “RWD”?

Basically RWD uses "media queries" which is part of the CSS3 specification, to identify the device that the customer is using to visit the website. Once the device has been identified, the design can be reshaped and resized using grid layouts and flexible images to best suit the screen. So whether the customer is using a small, medium or large screen, the customer will see the same website, best customised to suit the device they are viewing from.


Try it out for yourself, using the browser that you are viewing this article on, try making the browser window smaller. You will see the images and content column will start to shrink, and then the sidebar will disappear. Now try viewing the article again using your mobile device, same content but the layout has changed so you can easily view the information and navigate the site.


To the future

With the constant growth in mobile devices, tablets and Smart TV, the traditional desktop system is no-longer the only device that a website will be viewed from. As a company, you need a web design that will cater for all customers, display your business information in the simplest form for your customer to understand. If your customer needs to zoom in to see your phone number of email address, then that is not ideal. By displaying the information in a layout that suits your customer’s media device, it will encourage your visitors to stay on the website. Second, as stated earlier, with the growing number of device platforms and sizes, you can save on development costs by not having to design separate web designs for each specific device. So go for <a href=""> Web Design Galway </a> now.




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