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Protect Your Pet: Configure a House Specific to Your Pet/Cli

by liyo89

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Why settle. If you have a small dog (Tea Cup, Toy, etc.) you need aSmall Dog’s as simple as that! The smaller size provides a space that is comfortable and provides a sense of security for your small dog or cat. And if you over size the house it only complicates heating and cooling considerations. Small dogs need Small Dog Houses period.


And, of course, the opposite is true for large breeds. A large breed needs a properly sized Large Dog House.


Your pet should also be protected from extreme weather. Depending on where you live you may want a Heated Dog House to protect your pet during the cold winter months. Dog houses are available from reputable on-line dealers in a variety of materials that provide good insulating properties ranging from wood, to vinyl/plastic, to ecoFlex - a new material made from recycled polymers and wood with excellent insulating properties that is super resistant to weather and comes with a ten year warranty. And many Insulated Dog Houses have double wall construction with a dead-air space or up to 4” of foam insulation for added protection.


And for climates that have both extremes an excellent Climate Control unit specifically designed for Pet Houses is readily available. It Heats, Cools and Dehumidifies. It is both affordable and economical to operate at less than a dollar per day! And these units can be combined with any of the above pet houses or you can attach the unit to your pet’s existing house. Installation is quick and easy. You will no longer have to worry that your “best friend” is uncomfortable or in danger during extreme weather conditions!.






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