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Why Dental Implants Allow you to Eat Foods you Want

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Dental implants consist of permanent artificial teeth used to replace gaps in the smile that were once filled by natural teeth.  Your Slidell LA Dentist will be happy to place implants where necessary to achieve that “perfect smile.”  Once the implant is placed, it is covered with a cap or crown that is color-matched to the surrounding teeth.  This will allow patients the benefits of a replacement tooth that both looks and functions as a natural tooth.  Among the many benefits of dental implants, is the ability for patients to eat their favorite foods with comfort and confidence.  

When a patient experiences tooth loss, there are many options.  Unfortunately along with many of these choices come diet restriction and the fact that the chewing of foods wills likely cause discomfort, and even pain.  Dentures for instance may shift while chewing making it difficult to eat certain types of foods.  Along with being painful, the movement that occurs with some tooth replacement options causes food particles to become lodged in the gum line, which makes patients prone to tooth decay and infection.  

The problems of tooth decay and infection are eliminated with dental implants because they are completely sanitary.  When the implant is placed in the jawbone, it fuses creating a stable base for the cap or crown which makes it impossible to move.  Popular foods such as steak or chewy bread are no longer a worry for patients of dental implants.  Of course, patients should always remember to stay away from foods such as soda, candy, and popcorn which are bad for the natural teeth.  

Because dental implants function just as the natural teeth, they do not require upkeep once the cap or crown is placed.  Patients may enjoy the ease of not having to add any additional tasks to their normal brushing and flossing routine.  Simply schedule routine checkups with Dr. Kopfler at the Slidell Louisiana Dental Implants Dentist.   

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