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Gracie Jiu Jitsu - For Kids, Adults and Elders

by Graciesydney

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For many of the fitness freaks, physical exercises and workouts are the best ways to keep you fit. However, not many know that this is a wonderful way of self-defense as well. Contrary to many people’s expectations and notions, Jiu Jitsu is for everyone. This form of self-defense is not confined to a particular section of the people in terms of age groups.

From children to adults and even senior citizens, all can indulge in self defense classes and can learn myriad ways to protect oneself and physically fit too at the same time. This is an incredible and a very practical way for everyone as it is a form, which has been perfected by the elite federal agencies and this is a part of their hand-to-hand combat forms.


Jiu Jitsu for everyone:

Martial arts classes should be necessary for the kids. It is this time of their life when their body is most flexible and thus they can adapt to any kind of physical activity. This time is quite apt for martial arts for kids. However, adults and elders too can be a part of this and enjoy myriad benefits that it brings into our lives. Safety on the road is imperative and these skills can be really handy when you face similar situations. If you are one of those shy people who dread the feeling of learning together, then you can also learn the tips and secrets of martial arts in private lessons. Your current physical abilities and strength are therefore not a parameter for you to learn these smart and sophisticated skills of self-saving and defense.


Levels of expertise:                         

The transition from one level to another is quite smooth. In these classes, you tend to have three levels of expertise. The levels include:

  • Fundamental
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Each of these levels tends to have a certain level of hardships and thus train you in a particular manner. However, the most important level of all is the fundamental or the beginner’s level where the art of self-saving and warm-up drills are taught. This is the most important level as the contents are relevant and need to be recalled even in the other two stages as well in order to gain mastery over them. These martial arts classes do justice to all the people who are students here, as they acknowledge the fact that student come from different background, level of physical fitness and attitude. Hence, the masters take into consideration the things before starting the course.

Under normal circumstances, one would not choose a mixed martial arts gym as their approach towards learning could be different from the rest of the other in their genre. However, with these classes, one would never feel as if they are rigorously trained for some kind of martial arts as the entire journey of learning the skills is quite adventurous and full of fun. Brazilian Jiu jitsu is indeed a journey of discovering your own self and realizing wonderful things that your body is capable of in every sense.                            



Mr. Michael Kopel writes about Gracie Sydney was founded in 2001 when Bruno Panno emigrated from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, specifically to introduce Gracie Jiu Jitsu to Sydney, Australia. He writes about variousBrazilian Jiu jitsu   Andmixed martial arts gym

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