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How can authors free themselves from ebook piracy?

by anonymous

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It is certainly disturbing when people can freely access an ebook without authorization from its publisher. When the public has free access to a book, it means several things. First of all, the publisher's copyright is being violated each time someone makes a copy of the ebook or downloads it from the web. Secondly, the publisher is losing revenue because unless the book was intended to be availed freely, the publisher was expecting to earn money from selling copies of it. Writers definitely feel demoralized when people misuse their work. It takes a lot of time, effort and discipline to pen a book and so it's understandably very unfair when people fail to recognize an author's hard work.


It would be nice if people would stop the bad habit of freely downloading copyrighted ebooks and instead buy them from the publishers. It would be even nicer if the authorities would nab all the unauthorized people responsible for uploading and downloading these books. Neither of these is about to happen anytime soon though and therefore ebooks will continue to be freely shared. Nonetheless, publishers shouldn't despair because there are nifty software tools that they can use to protect PDF files, this bearing in mind that PDF is the format in which most ebooks are published.


An effective means to protect PDF from copy and paste operations will certainly be a godsend to authors because the many people who make unauthorized use of books are known to copy and paste entire sections and/or volumes. DRM tools are available that can protect PDF from copy and paste operations. Authors should use a program that can protect PDF from copy and paste from one drive to another and from the web to a hard drive since this is the method commonly used to distribute ebooks. Alternatively, if an ebook is to be freely available for reading, one can protect PDF from copy and paste to ensure that people won't make unauthorized copies of the book or copy portions of it.


With the right DRM tools it's very easy to protect PDF files. You should protect PDF files as a matter of routine if the contents are important and it's not in your best interests to have people copying the same. If authors can protect PDF files from copying, pasting, printing and moving from one storage disk to another, they can deal a decisive blow to pirates who have long been denying them monies they should have rightfully earned from their efforts.



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