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The Benefits of Mediation in the Corporate Context

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Couples going through divorce in Chicago have long realized the benefits of mediation over litigation. In many instances, couples that can arrive at mediated agreements when it comes to divorce save both time and money. The same principles that make mediation a preferred option in many divorce proceedings also make it advantageous in many business settings, as well. You can realize the benefits of mediation over litigation by having your Chicago corporate lawyer incorporate mediation clauses into your corporate contracts.

One of the biggest advantages of mediation is that it puts those who will be most affected by any agreements into the role of decision maker rather than passive recipient. When corporate litigation occurs, the participants will end up before a judge in one of the business courts of Chicago. Although judges attempt to make impartial and fair decisions, no judge will understand you and your needs the way that you and your corporate lawyer do. By utilizing mediation, you have the absolute assurance of knowing that the decision reached is one that will serve the interests of your business and is a decision that you can live with. Your Chicago corporate lawyer can serve as a mediator when necessary to help to guide the deliberations and ensure that whatever preliminary agreements are reached will be legally viable.

In addition to serving as a mediator when you need such services, your corporate lawyer can also incorporate mediation clauses into your corporate agreements and contracts. Such clauses help to ensure that parties actively engage in mediation should any disputes arise, before the option of litigation could even be entertained. Because the process of mediation is so flexible, your corporate lawyer can help to save you time and money by incorporating such clauses because you will not be bound by time constraints set by the Chicago court system and can often reach an agreement with the other party in much less time as your corporate lawyer helps to facilitate the discussion towards a mutually beneficial and agreeable end.

Whether you need someone in Chicago who can effectively mediate a business dispute, the incorporation or dissolution of a contractual partnership, or an employee grievance, or a Chicago corporate lawyer who has the knowledge and experience to insert mediation clauses into your business contracts and agreements, you can save your business money and yourself valuable time by utilizing mediation over litigation whenever possible. Schedule a consultation with a Chicago corporate lawyer today to learn about the advantages that mediation offers over litigation. Your lawyer can detail for you how your business can benefit from mediation clauses.

Solutions First Legal Services in Chicago can help you incorporate mediation clauses into your corporate contracts. When you are trying to avoid the financial costs and expense of time associated with litigation, a Chicago corporate lawyer with Solutions First can help you and your company to realize the benefits of mediation. Robin Becker started Solutions First in 1998 in a small office in Downtown Chicago which has grown from a one lawyer office to a multiple lawyer office serving the entire Chicago area and surrounding suburbs, providing business and divorce litigation and mediation legal services. Contact Solutions First at (312) 386-1467 or visit

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